I love this time of year. I’m two weeks out from my first competition of 2013: workouts are changing, technique is being polished, and we start traveling to compete. As much as I love training, there’s nothing better than getting on the runway to show off the hard work that’s been put in over the course of the off season.
When I compete, the whole day is centered on having the best performance possible. It’s all about me. I have a routine that’s been planned out based on the meet schedule, facilities, and climate. I plan what I’m going to eat, wear, and pack, and BLAST music while I’m doing it. I decide in advance what my mindset, adrenaline, and mood are going to be. I have back up plans and coping mechanisms for things that could go astray.  Even if I may not be the best thrower, I’ll put the odds in my favor by be the most prepared. Weather, timing and other issues affect everyone, but if you’re ready to deal with them, you’re a step ahead of the game.

I’m a firm believer in controlling your own fate and success - I’m not one for superstitions. It’s not luck that I throw far; it’s from sticking to a tough training regimen, trusting in my coach, and through the support of family and friends. Before his trip to Europe in 1978, my father was given a St. Christopher’s necklace by my grandmother. When I was 17, he gave it to me. Since being given it I have noticed over the years that every time I’ve been injured in track, I wasn’t wearing my necklace. Amongst other things, St. Chris is the patron saint of athletes and travelers. Like I said, I’m not normally one for superstitions… but that thing has great juju.

My training group is still waiting to see if we get into the Sun Angel Classic set to take place April 6th. It will have been 240 days since the London final and I can’t wait.

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